AVF Foundation

The goal of this survey, being conducted by the AVF Foundation on behalf of the American Venous Forum, is to increase our ability to educate those who are unaware of venous and lymphatic disease and to increase access to the highest quality of care - especially for the underserved.

This survey will help us identify:

  • What information is being sought by people experiencing venous symptoms in their legs?
  • Where are they looking for it and what key words are they using during their search?
  • What factors into a their decision whether or not to seek care?
  • If they saw a venous specialist, did they decide to receive treatment and what factored into that decision?

Founded in 1987, The American Venous Forum (AVF), is dedicated to improving the care of patients with venous and lymphatic disease. The AVF fosters cutting edge research and clinical innovation and educates health care professionals, patients and policy makers about venous and lymphatic diseases.

AVF Vision: To promote venous and lymphatic health.

AVF Mission: Advance science, education and advocacy in venous and lymphatic disease.


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